• UnReidable Chapter 42 – October 2007: Austin, Texas

    Our wedding day. The best day of my life. Like that stag week in Austin in October 2000, the occasion was always going to be special, simply because all of my best friends and my family were gathered together in one place. But then to be married to the amazing Farah, outdoors, on a sunny October afternoon, […]

  • UnReidable Chapter 30 – August 2008: New York, New York

    New York City has its own rhythm. It’s faster, louder, and more intense than anywhere I’ve ever been. It takes a while, but you adapt. You do what you have to do to survive. And then sometimes, it can actually be an incredible place to live. By the summer of 2008, I’d been living in NYC […]

  • UnReidable Chapter 47 – November 2009: New York, New York

    In early 2008, I was miserable with my job as a personal injury attorney in New York City. I was working long hours, and I was winning cases, but it never seemed to be enough to satisfy my boss at the time. I was 100% committed to the job, but every day my boss made sure to remind me how replaceable I […]

  • UnReidable Chapter 5 – February 2010: Brooklyn, New York

    The slogan ‘I ❤ NY’ is so ubiquitous in New York City that I think everyone just accepts the premise as true. Of course everyone loves New York! When I moved there in December 2005, I was open to the possibility of falling in love with the city, and I had some exciting times there, but […]

  • UnReidable Chapter 27 – July 2010: Austin, Texas

    I’ve taken two Bar Exams in my life and both were miserable experiences. Each of them featured long periods of intensive studying, and equally long periods of intensive procrastination. In July 2010, Farah and I had just moved back to Austin from NYC, and I spent most of that summer doing two things: working towards […]

  • UnReidable Chapter 41 – October 2011: Austin, Texas

    There are not many moments in my life when I can specifically recall the minute where something happened and everything changed. But at 11:47pm, on Wednesday October 26th, 2011, our daughter was born. For a while we didn’t think it would happen. We actually started trying to get pregnant about three years earlier while we […]

  • UnReidable Chapter 24 – June 2012: Manchester, England

    In June of 2012, I met up with my old friend Jules in Manchester for one night. He had flown in from Melbourne, and I had flown in from Texas. We were there to see the first Stone Roses performance in 22 years, but it was a bittersweet night. The show was incredible, but when […]

  • UnReidable Chapter 31 – August 2013: Glasgow, Scotland

    I get asked a lot if I miss Scotland. I do, but in this modern world, I can video chat with friends and family, I can easily find Irn Bru and decent crisps, and I can watch the same TV channels as people in Scotland. So it’s not too bad. But there are some things […]

  • UnReidable Chapter 21 – June 2014: Austin, Texas

    The most fun I’ve ever had as an attorney was the two days in June 2014 that I spent making the first Pete Reid Law commercial. In fact, the whole process was a blast, from coming up with the idea, to working with the filmmakers to make it happen, and then watching the reaction it generated from around […]

  • UnReidable Chapter 37 – September 2014: Edinburgh, Scotland

    In September 2014, I was in Scotland as the country voted to decide whether it should be independent from the United Kingdom. It was an unforgettable, inspirational, and ultimately heartbreaking experience. I’ve written a lot in the past few years about my support for an independent Scotland, and how I reached that decision. It’s an […]

  • UnReidable Chapter 44 – November 2014: Austin, Texas

    I don’t know how much of a surprise this is, but for as long as I can remember I have battled with depression. It still happens occasionally, but I’m significantly better at coping with it now than I used to be. For many years I assumed that my extreme feelings were just normal, or a product […]

  • UnReidable Chapter 34 – August 2015: Austin, Texas

    Sometimes you just need to be yourself. You can’t be no one else. Like when you are flying faster than the speed of sound and you really want a gin and tonic. It was Liam Gallagher of Oasis who first said those poetic words, or words to that effect, and I never really understood them, […]

  • UnReidable Chapter 49 – December 2015: Austin, Texas

    Dear Mum and Dad, Being a good parent is hard. Of course, you know that, but I’m still learning. As a young teenager, I mostly only saw you, my parents, as being the fun police. You were just old people that didn’t understand me. You were the undemocratically elected rulers of my life, and the […]

  • UnReidable Chapter 39 – October 2016: Chicago, Illinois

    I’ve been trying to write another chapter these past few weeks but I just can’t do it. I’m obsessed with the Chicago Cubs’ run to the baseball World Series. My Chicago Cubs. And so I’ve realized that the only way I’ll get a chapter done right now, is just to write about the Cubs. The thing is though, […]

  • UnReidable Chapter 50 – December 2016: Austin, Texas

    In the end, there is only one place for me to finish – and that’s now. It has taken me just over a year to get here. A year of writing. A year of writing about me. I think I’ve said all I need to say. And I’m ready to move on. So this is […]